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February 2009
Dear Frank,
Today, I had an epiphany - let me explain. Have you ever had the nagging feeling that winter would last forever? Punxsutawney Phil (the groundhog) predicted it; his shadow confirmed. Even the caterpillar fuzz forecasted winter doldrums. Then the miraculous totem of Spring appeared. I opened the door to my office and gazed out. The ground was blanketed with freshly returned robins. There is a God - and Winter will really end. It's an omen!

What does this tale of our wondering warbler friends have to do with anything? Plenty. Imagine the thoughts that must have rushed through our prehistoric ancestors when winter dragged through February and March. I can imagine that many of them gathered in their stony caves and imagined that dreary days and chilling temperatures would last forever.

Today, we are 6 months into a recession. And, many of us imagine that it will last forever. Economists argue on the length and severity, but they agree that this recession had a beginning. They also concur it will have an end.

I believe we need to structure a plan for the recession and our plan needs to count on it ending. The economic robins will return some day. Let's be ready for them.

In This Issue
The Recession and the Changing Perception of Value
There's no Money in being your Distributors Second Best Friend
A Failure to Communicate
The Distributor Specialist
The Recession and the Changing Perception of Value
drowning in today's recessionThe changing economic landscape has changed the way our customers perceive value. We can either flounder in our efforts to swim against the current of change, or we can harness the power.

As banks and creditors squeeze away at your potential customers are you considering their different values?

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There's no Money in being your Distributor's Second Best Friend
There is no money in second bestFar too many people don't consider this issue as they develop a channel strategy. Their thought process drives them to search for distributors who are well known in the industry they serve.

Find out what you can do to get back into first place.

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A Failure to Communicate
drowning in today's recessionWe are indeed in a recession. And, this one will also be a tough one. (They are all tough by the way.) Distributors and customers are symbiotically linked. But because we are in a recession, the stakes are much higher. In today's economy, miscommunications can cost not only one account but a few lost strategic accounts could translate into the coup de grace for entire industries and industry providers.

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We at River Heights Consulting are dedicated to helping our clients make better decisions.  We believe it's not enough to talk about what needs to be done, we talk about how to get started.
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Frank Hurtte
River Heights Consulting
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The first book to focus entirely on this unique role within a wholesale distribution company, The Distributor Specialist takes you on a journey to look at the business results that specialists can help you achieve, potential pitfalls of specialist utilization, and ways to build from scratch or strengthen your specialist team. This book is a training manual, a benchmarking resource, and a formal process for improvement for the specialist. Wholesale distribution executives, managers, and specialists alike should read this book. Relevant case studies straight from the trenches pepper each chapter to show you not only what needs to be done, but how to get started.
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This work in its e-book format allows you to quickly and easily plug some of the principles into your organization.
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