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River Heights Consulting Newsletter
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July 2009

Dear Frank,
July finds us more than half way through summer.  It's pretty easy to gauge - open up the Calendar (mine is outlook), make a couple of quick calculations, confirm by sticking your head out the door and you know it's mid-summer.  Contrasted against today's economic conditions, it's easy.  Last week the president of a well respected manufacturer's association said, "Many do feel the worst is behind them... (but)... You don't know the bottom until it's past you."
Whether the bottom is past us or not - our world can be divided into two groups of people, those who will survive the recession and those who will not.  If you are reading this newsletter and don't plan on making it through the recession, please click here.  
Ok, now let me address the survivors.  Things are going to be different on the other side.  Recessions impact the way business is done, not just during the down cycle but for "ever more".  I believe we will see two changes after this thing is over: 1) a trend toward increased involvement by our customer's CFO (and surrogates) and 2) a swarm of new competition.
The question becomes; what can we do now to prepare for a post-recession world? 
In this issue
Targeting - What if?
Targeting - Thoughts for Specialists
Measuring Value - A Critical Post Recession Skill
The Distributor Specialist
Targeting - What if?
There is no money in second best
  • We could select the right account every time and it gave us a great return on our selling investment.
  • Every new product launch started smoothly and we captured new business immediately.
  • Sales managers and their teams talked openly about building a long term solution-based relationship - and they knew exactly how it was progressing.

I believe we can and have been researching the state of the art - in targeting.  

If you would like to be part of this research - Email Me. 
Targeting - How Specialists play into the process
Everybody's heard the term - "target account".  It's been around for a long time - I was challenged to "target some accounts" in my second day as a brand new Allen-Bradley field engineer and that was 1978.  The word was in vogue then and it still is.  The problem very few people have defined and perfected a target process.  There are three different types of targets: product-based targets, solution-based targets and critical company-to-company partnership targets.  Here we talk about the lowest level, product-based targets.  
(read here)
Why Measuring Value is Critical -  Right Now!
Measuring Value - Dollarizing what you do - Going Beyond Value-Add:  Most of us have heard someone talk about measuring value.  It sounds like a good idea, probably makes perfect sense.  But, we procrastinate.  Dollarizing takes time, we are in a recession, there are bigger fish to fry - the list goes on and on.  Recently, a group asked me to think about measuring value for them.  After a bit of research, I came away with a slightly different view.  
Read what I discovered about measuring value here 
We at River Heights Consulting are dedicated to helping our clients make better decisions.  We believe it's not enough to talk about what needs to be done, we talk about how to get started.
Send us an email to ask how you can be a sales leader. 

Frank Hurtte
River Heights Consulting
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The Distributor Specialist:

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The first book to focus entirely on this unique role within a wholesale distribution company, The Distributor Specialist takes you on a journey to look at the business results that specialists can help you achieve, potential pitfalls of specialist utilization, and ways to build from scratch or strengthen your specialist team. This book is a training manual, a benchmarking resource, and a formal process for improvement for the specialist. Wholesale distribution executives, managers, and specialists alike should read this book. Relevant case studies straight from the trenches pepper each chapter to show you not only what needs to be done, but how to get started.
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Ø      Leaders who went through a coaching process are more likely to become coaches within their own environment and perpetuate the process.

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