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Specialist Check List


At a loss when it comes to improving your skill set?  Have a boss who doesn’t understand your function in life?  Want to improve your skill set and get positive feedback?


Use this handy-dandy Specialist Checklist…


Rate yourself using this check list



Product Knowledge


  • is recognized as an expert by customers


  • understands critical customer applications


  • understands products typically used in conjunction with technology group




Computer Skills


  • Email


  • MS Word


  • MS Excel


  • MS PowerPoint


  • Web Based Seminars


  • Knows how to set up and organize files in Windows Environment




Personal Skills


  • able to make presentations to groups when required


  • understands telephone etiquette


  • understands (period)






  • Understands the importance of working through others


  • Understands concept of potential


  • Understands how to target accounts


  • Maintains an annual and 90 day sliding window business plan






  • Understands how to accelerate the relationship process


  • Understands how to make his product easy to sell


  • Knows how to select the right training for Outside Sales / Account Managers


  • Knows how to select the right training for Inside Sales / Customer Service


  • Uses value in sales approach




Management Interface


  • Consistently brings the right information to management in a timely manner


  • Works as a resource to the Purchasing Inventory Department




Vendor Relations


  • Owns the relationship with Vendors


  • Harvests samples and demo dollars from Vendors


  • Reviews her/his plan with Vendors regularly






  • Plans training sessions tailored to those being trained (inside, outside sales)


  • Develops ongoing programs (for others to develop skills)


  • Delivers competitive advantage in Customer Training




Demos, Samples


  • Plans for demo/sample needs in advance


  • Knows when to rotate demos to avoid expensive write-offs


  • Harvests N/C demo units from Vendor Partners



If you find value in this form, send us an email…   include a mention of this comment and receive a “postcard from the Tall Corn State”.  This offer may not have any real value, but your feedback is priceless…..


Building a High Tech Team?

* We are the recognized experts in building and training a high tech team.

* We are the go-to guys for high tech product specialist training.


North Stars of Technology

* Measure your value - in dollars and cents.

* Use Technology to sell - work efficiently.

* Get paid for what we know - and know why.

* Develop a strong training program - and start inside.


Distributor Product Specialists have been the secret weapon of successful distributors throughout many industry segments.  River Heights Consulting provides the training, tools, and management know-how to get your specialist program off the ground.


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