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 Hello and Welcome to River Heights Consulting

We are an experience-based consulting organization specializing in distribution channels. We help distributors and their supply partners accelerate their customer relationships.

Our services include: 

  • Strategic planning to achieve the right market position
  • Sales effectiveness and incentive design to create aggressive execution
  • Channel management to select and align partners and eliminate waste

About Frank Hurtte

Frank Hurtte, our Founding Partner, is one of the thought leaders around building and maintaining sales channels that make sense in a post-modern world.  His work has become a part of the modern distribution landscape.   He is the author of the National Association of Wholesale Distributors Institute for Distributor Excellence’s book,  The Distributor Specialist: Customer Champion, Profit Generator!    His articles have been featured in over 20 distribution industry publications.  And, Hurtte is a regular speaker at scores of distributor association meetings. 

Since founding River Heights Consulting in 2005, Hurtte and his team have assisted dozens of companies in their quest for building a more efficient channel to market.

 So what do you do now?

We live in volatile times.  What has worked in the past delivers shorter and less profitable results.  Whole industries are morphing at incredible rates.  Failure to recognize these changes probably won’t put you out of business tomorrow; but they will curtail the kind of growth you hope to achieve into the future.  And, over time – they will dramatically affect your bottom line.

An ever growing number of companies are putting plans into place that create better systems, programs and processes for growth – the kind of growth you hope to add behind your own organization.

We invite your phone calls and emails.  There is never a charge for exploring your own situation and talking about some of the steps others have made to improve their position in the market.

 A final word from Frank

Hello, this is Frank Hurtte.  I appreciate the time you have spent reviewing some of the things we provide to dozens of industry leading firms every day.  I would like to invite you to explore some of the many articles we have developed over the years.  We have posted over 50 such pieces on our website to give you a sample of how we work.

Before you go – I would like to give you a bit of insight into my way of thinking.

My world revolves around five simple points:

  1. Targeting – you can’t afford to invest in every customer in the universe – carefully select those who make the best sense for your organization.
  2. Measuring Value – once you decide which customers make the greatest sense for you, understanding your value moves you to the front of the pack.
  3. Getting paid for your value – it cost more to provide world class service – don’t be hesitant to charge for the value you provide.
  4. Specialists as a catalyst for driving the sales process in wholesale distribution – we wrote the book on putting Specialists to work in the right way.
  5. Having fun and making money with my clients – when you enjoy your work (and have fun) you do better work.  Better work attracts more customers and higher profits.

And, I don’t believe there is such a thing as “too much fun”….

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