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Now for about the same price as a round of pizza and beer, you can bring real selling skills to your team!

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Topics Covered by The Sales Leadership Subscriptioon

Month One

Planned not Canned

The things every salesperson needs to think about before they say it.  Who am I?  Why am I here?  What makes my company unique?  Why should you spend 15 minutes talking to me?

Month Two

The Art and Science of the Question

Every salesperson needs to know what information they are looking for before they ask the question.  What kind of personal information helps me build a better relationship?  What kind of business information will help my company grow its business? 

Month Three

Taking the Chill out of a Cold Call

Tips to getting in front of the right person for the first time.  Many experienced salespeople absolutely dread the first time call.  This opens the door for what to expect and how to professionally handle some of the common problems.

Month Four

Your Price is too High!

If you haven't heard this comment, you probabaly haven't been on many sales calls.  There is a right and wrong way to handle this simple customer phrase.  We handle the issue and talk about setting the stage for discussion of our real value.

Month Five

The Right Guy

Getting to the right person is a critical key to success.  And, very often customers provide misleading information which causes salespeople to "spin their wheels".  We provide some sure fired ways to quickly build traction.

Month Six

The Multi-Call Strategy

The most successful sales organizations have carefully benchmarked their call strategy.  Unfortunately, many salespeople view a call as an “event”.  In our business no call is a stand alone event.  In this session we talk about setting a strategy for the long term.

Month Seven

The Customer Goes Away

To grow our business, we need to retain customers.  But, sometimes things happen.  People change jobs, issues create tension and sometimes customers quit buying.  There needs to be a plan for pulling these people back into the fold.  This session pushes the envelope on finding out what happened and getting the customer back.

Month Eight

Maximize your Territory

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence but with fuel costs and travel time skyrocketing, we need to build up the business closest at hand.  This issues covers tips and trick for growing the business closest to home base.

Month Nine

Targeting Accounts

Knowing exactly who provides the best opportunity for growth is important in allocating time as a salesperson.  We talk about how to determine who might be the best prospect for a new customer.

Month Ten

Measuring Value

When you understand exactly how you can impact your customer’s bottom line selling goes from being a job to an evangelistic mission.  In this issue we will look at how your service affects the customer’s pocketbook.

Month Eleven

Asking for Referrals

Salespeople who know lots of people can minimize their efforts and maximize their sales by asking existing customers “Who else would benefit from what I do?”  Most folks are afraid to ask.  Those who do ask often ask improperly.  We explore the how’s and why’s of this important topic.

Month Twelve

The Touch

Salespeople work with a number of different types of clients.  Some of whom call weekly, some who call once or twice a year.  Here we talk about simple ways of maintaining a relationship with the customer whose use is infrequent.

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