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Sample Discussion Handout

Taken from Planned not Canned by River Heights Consulting

Planned not Canned

Discussion Handouts
The following sheets are designed for optional use with the Planned not Canned presentation.  You may choose to use them for one or all of the points in the presentation where we call for a break and some discussion. 

These are configured to produce a separate handout for each pause in the presentation.

Planned not Canned
Handout 1

When was the last time you were subjected to a “canned pitch”?
Spend 2 minutes

How could you tell that a phone call is a canned pitch?

  • Tone of voice
  • Mispronounced words
  • The word flow didn’t sound natural
  • The person sounded disinterested
  • They asked me bogus questions to cause me to say something


Planned not Canned
Handout 5

What are the common objections you have heard?
Spend 5 minutes

Common Objection Examples:

  • Price is too high
  • We do the work ourselves
  • We bought the special tools
  • We use another company’s counter
  • ______________________________ 
  • ______________________________ 
  • ______________________________
  • ______________________________

Discussion Example: How do you answer the objection – Your price is too high
Let’s address the NUMBER 1 Sales Killer of all time; “your price is too high”.  Many customers use this one as a quick stop to the sales call.  Most sales types stammer around then leave when this is thrown their way.  Further, “your price is too high” is often used as a negotiating ploy.  

One way to address high price is by asking for clarification. 

Customer:  “You guys at Pacme are way too high priced for us.”
SalesGuy: “Do you mean high priced for just the hose? Or for hose and installation?"
Customer: “Yeah, we can buy an equivalent hose for about half as much.”
SalesGuy: “Does that include installation?”
Customer: “No we put them on ourselves.”
SalesGuy: “Do you ever have installation failures?”

Another way is to explain your value.

Customer: Your price is too high.”
SalesGuy: “But our price is all inclusive.  You get hose, expert installation, quick turn around and don’t tie your people up installing hoses.”
Custom “Hmm… I never thought of it that way.”


What can I plan to say when I hear “The Price is too High?"




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