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River Heights Awarded

River Heights Consulting
Receives a 2009 Constant Contact All-Star Award

Constant Contact recognizes River Heights Consulting for commitment to best practices in email marketing

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Email Marketing - Some Frequently Asked Questions

Email doesn’t have to be spam.

We have experience driving email messages to existing distributor customer bases that are read by over 35% of those targeted.  And we can tell you who is reading the email and better yet, we can tell you if they forward that email to someone else.

What does this mean to the typical small distributor?

If you have 1000 customer contacts and your open rate is 35%, you get 350 real opportunities to say something to your customer base.   With normal sales calls hovering in the $250-450 price range, that equates to some real bucks.

This also allows you to reach those secondary contacts too.  These are the people who sometimes use your products.  It might be that test engineer who needs your products once or twice a year.  Your sales person can't justify calling on them, but with a email newsletter you stay in contact.

But do these things work in our industry?

Most folks experience with email is as incoming mail from consumer-based companies.  They don’t have real sales people so they literally hammer us with their message.  For instance, I bought a new electronic gizmo on line and soon found myself with one email a day from the company. 

We don’t do that.
Instead we develop a plan for placing one carefully crafted email into your customer’s mailbox each month.  These are designed to build real sales value.  They augment the work of your sales team.  They enhance the value of your brand.

We have a sales team.  Do we still need an email program?

A well designed email program doesn’t operate in a vacuum separate from your sales force.  Instead, this program primes the pump for new product introductions.  And, it reinforces the message on existing products.  What could be better than a customer anticipating the information your sales people will deliver?  And, when customers read stories of the actual value you provide; they feel more comfortable paying a premium.

We tried these before and they didn’t work – Why?

There is more to creating an email newsletter than just blasting out some generic content.  To be successful you need to understand:

  • Customer Segmenting
  • Feedback Metrics
  • Social Media
  • Word Selection

The cold hard facts are; most small companies don’t have the time or resources to develop that expertise.

What does River Heights Consulting Actually do to help?

We can turn generic content into professionally crafted words that sell. 
We can help you create customized application stories for your own set of customers.
We can help you understand the metrics around your email.
We can help or we can advise. 

What does a program like this cost?

Typically it costs less than a single industrial sales call per month.  And, the ROI is immense.  According to one national study there is a $43 payoff for every dollar spent developing a sound newsletter strategy. 

For a Limited Time!

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Send us one of your current email newsletters and we will provide you with a free improvement consultation.

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