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What you can expect from an RHC Seminar

This is what you can expect from a River Heights Consulting Workshop....


A carefully put together presentation delivered in a well thought out "user friendly" manner.

  1. Specially designed for easy "follow-along" note taking
    • Material delivered in time for insertion into a program/course book/speakers guide
  2. A pre-presentation interview with up to 12 key members of the organization
    • Assures the presentation meets expectations
    • Drives "real world" relevance
    • In many cases, a pre-presentation survey of customers and suppliers may be offered
  3. A after the presentation "log-in" site with additional research data and other pertinent information
    • Includes links to other thinkers and experts in the field (where applicable)
  4. A Question and Answer Session
  5. A Potential Action Guide for later reference
    • Includes backing information to bring the message to the folks "back home"
  6. All work designed with "What can I do with this information attitude"

Audio-visual and other needs…..

  • Unless otherwise specified all presentations will be delivered using Microsoft PowerPoint 2003
  • Unless otherwise specified host organization will provide Projector equipped with spare bulb
  • Presentations to groups larger than ten (10) individuals will require a sound amplification system
  • Meeting handouts and speakers notes will be provided by the host organization
  • Post-presentation evaluation results to be shared by hosting organization and River Heights Consulting

 Unlike many speakers - Frank Hurtte has been in your situation.  As the leader of a distributor association he was frustrated by speakers who entertained by left the audience without an action plan for getting things done once you returned back to your normal working environment.

Read about Frank here


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