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Frank Hurtte has nearly 30 years of practical real world experience in distribution.  He has enjoyed a life long love affair with the distribution industry and the people who work there.....

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Distributor Specialist Playbook

Unlock the Secret of High ROI Specialists

Over 80% of Distributors Use Specialists!

Research by the River Heights Consulting and the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW) Institute for Distribution Excellence indicated that more than 80% of wholesaler-distributors are using Specialists. But, it was the answers coming from upper-quartile distributors (based on some formal benchmarking) that tell the best story: 

Specialists are Critical or Very Important to:


Customer Technical Backup


Comptetitive Differentiation in the Market


Adding Value to the Customer


Maintaining Sales Focus

 69% of top-quartile performers agreed that specialists were an important part of their overall strategy.

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From the River Heights Consulting Presentation
The Specialist Playbook

Executive Summary

Sales Gurus say,” Selling to an existing customer costs five times less than selling to a new one.”

This piece of logic has driven many companies to expand their product offering.  We find distributors crossing lines of trade.  We find old line wire manufacturers selling complex computer cable.  We find welding manufacturers moving into Robotics.  The idea makes good sense.  We already know the company; we already have a relationship; they know us and we know them.  Everything is set to go.  Then the results are lack luster. 

The very same sales force – considered by our existing customers to be world class – drives the new product forward with such lack of velocity that important windows of opportunity are lost.  Often the reason for this lies with the sales team itself.  They pride themselves in being “the experts”.  They understand the established product line in absolute detail.  But, the new line stretches them.  They compare their knowledge of new with old and feel inadequate.  They find their long developed customer contacts are only on the periphery of the decision on the new products.  And, they worry that conversations with new prospects will only demonstrate their ignorance.

Companies that target accounts effectively score better on the bottom line; new research says 47% more effectively.  But lack of domain expertise in the existing ranks translates into wasted energy and lack of traction at critical targets.  No fault of their own – but the existing guys lack the localized expertise to do the targeting.

Enter the Specialist – equal parts salesperson, marketer and resident domain expert – they provide the extra oomph to drive the business forward.  Like all resources, they must be used properly and judiciously to get the right ROI bang for the buck.

The Specialist Playbook is designed to put the right resources in place – without piling costs on top of cost.

We Explore:

Why the Salesguys aren't Successful

This slide illustrates the lack of information flow to two contacts at the same customer.  They may actually sit across the isle from one another but the flow is minimized by the hesitancy of the sales person to break out of his mold.

The Specialist Playbook deep dives into the flow of information to all customer groups.

We Consider:

Where Specialists Should Focus Their Efforts - Targeting

 It isn’t economical for a Specialist to randomly hit every single account.  Instead a well defined process for introduction and use needs to be developed.  This slide shows the matrix of account types and product uses.  This drives efficiency.

Companies who target are more productive.  Companies who target are more efficient.  A well thought out Specialist Strategy drives targeting throughout the organization.

We learn about:

Where the Specialist fits into the Sales Team
The Specialist as they interface with Sales Manager, Sales People and Customers needs to be defined.  This is what Process is all about.  Without defined Process the margin of error increases dramatically.

We define:

Process in the Sales Team

Most distributors lack process in their sales activities.  They claim their salespeople have years of experience and instinctively have a process.  Or, they stake their future on a company culture of teamwork.  Experience points to inefficiencies, duplication of effort and mass confusion when one person “who understands it all” is lost to health, retirement or job frustration.  Not defining the routine interactions is one of the chief causes of inefficiency and misunderstandings that cost organizations sales.  We layout a ground work for building a sales process one step at a time.

There is no money in second best 

All this and more:

The Distributor Specialists:  Customer Champion, Profit Generator!

The roots of this presentation lay in the extensive research conducted by River Heights Consulting in preparation for the book – The Distributor Specialists:  Customer Champion, Profit Generator!

The Distributor Specialist was the first professional work tied to maximizing the Return on Investment of Distributor Specialists.   Our study indicated that while nearly everyone has put a Specialist “on the team”; the top performing Upper Quartile distributors did things differently.

Let Frank Hurtte and River Heights Consulting help you understand the difference.

Telesales Prospecting

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