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Frank Hurtte has nearly 30 years of practical real world experience in distribution.  He has enjoyed a life long love affair with the distribution industry and the people who work there.....

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A new book from River Heights Consulting

TeleSales Prospecting

* Locate the contact who values your service.

* Organize your CRM data for successy today and tomorrow.

* Turn an entry-level person into a pro in 6 weeks.

* Laid out in the convenient E-Book format.

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New Research indicates that companies who are

great Account Targeters

Are 47% more effective!


“Let’s target some accounts”.


If you work as (or with) a distributor sales people, you have heard the phrase. 


You’ve just taken on a new product line… bingo, somebody says, “Let’s target some accounts.”  You find yourself in a sales slump and your manager says, “Why don’t we meet tomorrow and target some accounts.”  The VP of your biggest line comes to town and asks, “Who are your targets for this product?”


Target Accounts are akin to the Holy Grail – Everyone searches for it, few can describe it.


In this easy to use 40 minute program River Heights Founder, Frank Hurtte outlines a simple strategy to start targeting better.


Create a vocabulary – Define your standards –Measure your progress

Improve your process


Call or Email to learn how to apply this dynamic process to your business! 


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Now Available

Telesales Prospecting in the 21st Century

Frank Hurtte of River Heights Consulting has put together the “how to” of Telesales Prospecting.

Not the outdated Telephone Sales of the past…

This program is designed to help you identify the right prospects, the people who place value on your products, the people who will pay for your value.

Use Telesales Prospecting to:

  • Locate the contact who values your services
  • Find the people who use and appreciate your service
  • Learn how to break through automated receptionists and computerized answering systems
  • Turn one contact at an account into a complete list of useful contacts 
  • Train an new employee into a customer locating pro in 6 weeks

Use Telesales Prospecting to organize your tired old customer database.


Here’s what others are saying about Telesales Prospecting

 “Faced with a 15 year old database spread across three software programs and containing some 30 000 contacts all with differing fields, the prospect of tackling the job of cleaning up the database so it’s driving business growth was to say the least daunting!! 

Franks’ book gave me a clear, concise, no nonsense, get me started plan. From helping to articulate the business reason for such a project right through to setting up the database for short and long term specific campaign usage.

Now I’m not daunted, I’m ecstatic about the potential gold at our fingertips…. “

           Caet Simes

            Senior Consultant

            Link-up International Pty Ltd

 Email us for more information on how you can own your own copy of River Heights Consulting’s 

Telesales Prospecting

in the

21st Century


Building a High Tech Team?

* We are the recognized experts in building and training a high tech team.

* We are the go-to guys for high tech product specialist training.


North Stars of Technology

* Measure your value - in dollars and cents.

* Use Technology to sell - work efficiently.

* Get paid for what we know - and know why.

* Develop a strong training program - and start inside.


Distributor Product Specialists have been the secret weapon of successful distributors throughout many industry segments.  River Heights Consulting provides the training, tools, and management know-how to get your specialist program off the ground.


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