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 Targeting What if and Why not Minimize

Targeting – What if and Why not?

What if?

We could select the right account every time and it gave us a great return on our selling investment.

Every new product launch started smoothly and we captured new business immediately.

Sales managers and their teams talked openly about building a long term solution-based relationship – and they knew exactly how it was progressing.

 Is this a pipe dream?

We started down the path of researching for this book after reading an article in 2005.  The gist of the article was; companies who target are more likely to reach their financial objectives.  Then fate struck.  The very next day I was invited to attend an all day “Targeting” session held by a well respected distributor.  The combination of those two points created a new direction in thought – Everybody “targets” nobody has a Targeting Process.   Without a process there is no repeatability, no improvement, and no room for strategic coaching. 

When we began looking into the most successful companies – companies who outperform their competition in the good, the bad, and recently the ugliest of economies – we couldn’t help but notice a process.   

What do we cover?

First, we spend some time convincing the skeptic that Targeting works.  Our research indicates that most sales teams are reluctant to put a process in place.  The sales guys don’t like it, don’t want it and initially go out of their way to convince their bosses – “I have it all right here… in my head.”  Sales managers get worn down.  Only the hardiest of souls – swim against the current long enough to prove that a Targeting Process works.  And how to:

Build a common vocabulary 

Develop a common account strategy

Understand the difference between product targets and solution targets

Use product targets to “audition” customer behavior

Create a system that streamlines short term product target administration

Think about solution targets

Set milestones into the solution target world

Develop a working competitive strategy

Why Not?

New independent research indicates that sales organizations with a process in place out perform other organizations by as much as 30%.  Can you imagine giving your competitor a 30% advantage?  Targeting is the natural first step in building a real process.

Behind the Scenes:

Frank Hurtte speaks, writes and consults on Targeting in a knowledge-based sales environment.  His first program, “Let’s Target some Accounts” went out to over 500 organizations in 8 countries.  Research for this book involved surveys and in-depth discussions with hundreds of organizations over a two year period. Hurtte is the Founding Partner of River Heights Consulting and author of The Distributor Specialist: Customer Champion, Profit Generator!


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