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Before you say, 

Let’s set up some Target Accounts


“Let’s get together and set up some target accounts.” … 1st heard mid-July ‘78

If you have been around distributor sales for any length of time, you have heard this said many, many times.  You may have been the one who said it.  Yet, target accounts are often a cause of disappointment, a source of frustration and, in the wrong setting, can cost you money and friends.  The term “target account” means many things to many people.  You can save time and improve your organization by building a common vocabular.

Allow me to illustrate the need for vocabulary.  You know I live in Iowa and there are plenty of animals both wild and domestic sharing this environment.  One day, I explain that I have an animal in my back yard.  But this short sentence tells you little.  When I sense your source of bewilderment, I add it has brown fur.  You ask me if it is my neighbor's cat, to which I reply - no it's a big animal.  You still have little clue.  Then I tell you it has horns.  Maybe you imagine an deer or elk.  Finally I say, it just went moooo.  Most sober minded folks would then reply, "why didn't you tell me it was a cow?"  One word - cow in this case - replaced dozens of descriptors.  And, in the  process allows for clean, clear communication.   

Today’s team selling, ultra-fast communications and screaming rate of new product introductions demand that we apply the same thought to our sales process.  A vocabulary is born.

River Heights Vocabulary
 Prospect   Don't know the account, but suspect the might have the need for your products
 Auditioning   Know something about the account, but don't fully understand their behavior or how they value your services
 Target   Potential for growth, they are a good fit but you don't have the data needed to prove the value of your solution.  You are gathering information is a systematic way.  You have milestones and metrics in place to understand your progress.
Stream Line   This account is one who buys products from you but does not appreciate the value you provide.  As the name implies your job is to stream line the services you provide to them.  Example - A government entity where price is the major driver.
Status Que   You do business but there is little room for growth.  This type of account might be a customer who is not innovative and who will most likely not be in business over the long term future.
Strategic 20%er   Your best account.  They understand your value.  They have a strong financial future and they want you to be grow along with them.

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