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TeleSales Prospecting

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The Specialist Defined:

According to research conducted by River Heights Consulting, over 80% of the wholesale-distribution market either uses Specialists today or plan to add them in the near term future.  Yet no specific definition exists for exactly what a Specialist is or does. 


To aid in this effort, this definition was developed for Frank Hurtte’s new book.  The book will be available mid-summer from the NAW Institute for Distribution Excellence.




Distributor employee who supports the “front-line” sales team and other departments by playing a specific, usually product or technology related, role in the sales process.  They furnish technical support, sales back-up, marketing direction and product management within a distributor organization.


If you are the leader of a wholesale-distributor, this book will help you understand how others have put Specialists to work making their company more successful.  If you are a Specialist, this is the first book specifically developed with your skills in mind.


For more information read – You Might be a Specialist


Building a High Tech Team?

* We are the recognized experts in building and training a high tech team.

* We are the go-to guys for high tech product specialist training.


North Stars of Technology

* Measure your value - in dollars and cents.

* Use Technology to sell - work efficiently.

* Get paid for what we know - and know why.

* Develop a strong training program - and start inside.


Distributor Product Specialists have been the secret weapon of successful distributors throughout many industry segments.  River Heights Consulting provides the training, tools, and management know-how to get your specialist program off the ground.


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