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Frank Hurtte has nearly 30 years of practical real world experience in distribution.  He has enjoyed a life long love affair with the distribution industry and the people who work there.....

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TeleSales Prospecting

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Selling in Recessionary Times

 Also available as a webinar and CD

SThere is no money in second bestelling in Recessionary Times

Selling in a recession is different.  Layoffs, extended shutdowns and plant closings dominate the headlines.  Lower capitol spending affects the number of opportunities a distributor has to sell.  Competitors do crazy things. Customers respond erratically.  It’s a whole different environment - an environment many of us have never experienced.  We need to adapt.

In this presentation, distribution sales expert Frank Hurtte will cover three things that every salesperson had better be thinking about today.  When the landscape shifts, successful selling strategies emerge.  What worked in the past ceases to be effective.  Even if a salesperson has 10, 15 or even 25 years under their belt, our customers have never seen times like these.

This presentation will allow the salesperson to:

Measure their progress in a down economy – In recessionary times, old measures of Sales and Gross Margin say less and less about progress.  New methods allow you to establish strategies for long term growth.

Establish a Multi-Level Targeting Process – AHTD Automation Solution Providers have lived in the Solution Sell mode for so long that many of them have neglected a portion of their business.  In poor economics, we need to revisit the entire customer selection process.   We will show how to create and think about Product and Solution oriented Targeting.

Better Target your Proposals – Have you ever spent hours developing a proposed solution only to discover it “had no funding?”  By understanding the value of the proposal you can identify the high payback, must have purchases for your customer.

Get Orders in Turbulent Times – When times are good, customers will take a chance.  Maybe, they will even buy based on your long term reputation in the marketplace.  But when times turn hard, the free flowing investments dry up.  Each purchase becomes a study in survival.  Minimize the risk, undo uncertainty and you stack the deck in your favor.  Teach your technically-based contacts to measure value better and you improve their chances for promotion.  This is an unbeatable combination.

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Telesales Prospecting

A Sales Call costs you $408...

Why not make use the power of Telesales Prospecting to maximize your investment?  Telesales Prospecting is a plan for developing leads, gathering information and putting salespeople into high return activities.   Telesales Prospecting is available as an e-book for the cost of only 5 minutes of the typical Distributor Sales Call.  ($31.50)

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