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Now for about the same price as a round of pizza and beer, you can bring real selling skills to your team!

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Does your sales team lack polish?

Are you in charge, but “sales” isn’t your strong point?

Want to build a process but can’t find the time to get started?

The River Heights Consulting Sales Leadership Subscription is for you!
Keep sales skills front and center with your team for a fraction of the cost of a single botched sales call.


The Sales Leadership Subscription Explained

He has the gift - Hollywood says Salespeople are born with a magic charm.  Smooth walking, fast talking and sporting good hair cuts they can sell anything to anybody.

Contrary to popular legend and dozens of Hollywood movies, salespeople aren’t born – they are created.  Rarely, if ever, do all the skills required for sales success come naturally.  All of us know somebody like Bill.   He was a “natural relationship builder” and technically competent.  Everybody liked Bill, but nobody trusted him.   Why, he lacked the organizations skills required to handle multiple details.  His attitude was right, but his calendar was a mess.  No one had ever taught him how to set up a calendar and files. 

Selling revolves around a number of key skills.  Miss out on just one, and your potential is hampered.  Miss out on a couple and you struggle for mediocrity. 

But Selling Skills can be taught
The skills needed to be effective can be taught.  But, just like any new skill, they must be exercised, practiced and reinforced.  Let’s think about sports, that first golf swing, hitting a baseball or defending a goal are all unnatural the first time.  A coach shows the right way, then he spends time coaching the player – “hold your head down”, “swing through” and “plant your feet” are heard repeatedly.  Eventually the skill becomes natural. 

This program provides the tools to train and coach your team.  And, the skills morph into a sales process.

New research indicates that companies with a selling process out perform their peers.
In a scientific work with nearly 2000 companies participating, they discovered:

  • Companies with a selling process have a 30% advantage over those who do not.
  • Companies viewed by customers as providing significant value were more likely to be successful.
  • No selling organizations without a process scored highly in the customer value segment.

The Sales Leadership Subscription builds a process. 
From start to finish, we are laying down the keystones necessary to a solid process foundation.

This program is unique in two ways. 
First, the program involves teamwork – a local sales leader and River Heights Consulting work together to provide maximum impact.  Rather than a single shot deal (program of the month, program de jour) sales skill development becomes part of the culture. 

And, each installment of The Sales Leadership program builds on itself, allowing the leader to build a process one step at a time.  Plus, this program has a proven track record because Frank Hurtte, the founder of River Heights Consulting, has a 30 year career of teaching electricians, mechanics, engineers and technicians the skills required to achieve sales success. 


The Sales Leadership Subscription is a year long journey in sales skill creation. 

As you follow the step by step program you notice how your organization begins to develop its own sales process.

Explore the topics covered

Would you invest 30 minutes a month to improve your sales effort?

Early each month The Sales Leadership Subscription arrives at your location via mail.  It’s easy to use - the program is loaded onto a single high quality CD.  Pop the disk into your computer and a menu starts up automatically.  From there, it’s all easy to run and takes an absolute minimum of computer skills.  The whole program will require between 15 and 30 minutes of your reguarly schedu

Each monthly installment of The Sales Leadership Subscription contains:

  • A professionally done PowerPoint presentation with a “voice over”
    Just click play and this presentation comes to life.  A professionally created presentation covering a completely different aspect of the sales skill set. 
  • The same PowerPoint presentation for your own discussion
    Many sales managers find they enjoy leading the sales discussion.  This presentation is prepared and ready to use.  By adding your own personal touch and company culture to the presentation, your own prestige as a sales leader is enhanced.
  • Discussion Tools
    Simply print these out on your own company letter head and use as “talking points” to turn the presentation into a lively discussion
  • Reinforcement Tools
    These are the questions and comments which allow managers to send a message – we have a process and I am going to hold you accountable.
  • Articles and commentary by industry experts
    River Heights Consulting often includes copies of articles which we prepared for some of the leading trade publications of our industry.  Frank Hurtte and his team are noted experts in the field of knowledge-based distribution sales.    



The Sales Leadership Subscription Explained

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